Customer Reviews

  • Very good fit, well made, nice people to do business with. 28/06/2024
    Will Hutchings

  • Fantastic trousers ..had a great gig for the DDay celebrations ,looked the part with my vintage Harris tweed. Regards Fitz. 28/06/2024
    William fitzgerald

  • Excellent fit trousers and waistcoat. Well made great quality product with speedy shipping. I’ve made several purchases from Some Like It Holy over the years and they never fail to please. 03/05/2024
    Steve Pynr

  • These are, quite simply, the finest clothes I have ever worn. They arrived ahead of schedule and in perfect condition, the quality and detail exceed the cost, and they bring me great happiness. I shall be ordering again, and look forward to that with great anticipation. 01/05/2024
    Andrew Rollinson

  • Having purchased a pair of Oxford bags in the past from Some like it Holy, I recently bought a pair of Period Brown Herringbone 1930s-40s Oxford Bags and matching waistcoat and they are stunning. I originally purchased just the waistcoat but I ordered the wrong size and on seeing the quality I had to have the trousers also,The replacement came very quick along with the trousers. Fantastic service and will definitely be buying again. 13/04/2024
    Julian fudge

  • The oxford bags look fantastic. High quality fabric and fit is spot on. Wearing to an event this weekend. Delivery was quick. Thanks 18/02/2024
    Howard Manis

  • Love the products. I am a repeat customer and love your clothes, just wish there were more. Top marks though 29/11/2023
    Nigel Thompson

  • Have been wearing both the Summer and Winter weight Oxford trousers now for a few years. Beautifully made. Great vintage clothing. High rise, not this silly low cut tight fitting nonsense that looks dreadfully ill fitting. Top notch quality. 21/11/2023
    Kevin Parker

  • The trousers are fantastic, just what I am after. My partner fancies some too, good quality and very smart. Had my eye on a pair of these for years, seen there stall at lots of vintage shows. I even went as far as trying some on at Twinwood this year. way way way too long. Was surprised they didn't have a seemstress on hand to adjust the length, they would have sold a lot more (3 pairs to me !) Unfortunately a bit too expensive for trousers that will need altering and maybe the turnups cutting off. If only they did different lengths, Then I would have 1 of each style. such a shame. Stu . 09/11/2023
    Stuart Wade

  • Thank you for yet again another very prompt service, also as always for a fabulous product I've never been disappointed with any of the garments I've purchased from you. Stuart Miles 04/11/2023
    Stuart Miles

  • I have bought lots of cloths from these fine folk and I can testify to their quality and it is pleasure to deal with them. Very good cloths from very nice people . 03/11/2023
    paul paveley

  • With a 1920s themed wedding coming up, I started looking online and was lucky enough to stumble across Some Like it Holy. So much choice and helpful advice on sizes and measurements. When I settled on the outfit - bags, matching vest and spearpoint shirt, and ordered, unfortunately there was a stock error and they didn't have the bags in the required size. However, the correspondence and level of care to get it resolved was just amazing. Luckily I had the time to wait for their tailors to make them up, and I received them in only a couple of weeks. Absolutely delighted with the quality of the clothes and very impressed with the after sales care. 27/10/2023
    Jules Smith

  • I have been using Some Like It Holy for a number of years now and have had trousers,waistcoats and shirts. The cut, quality and weight of the material is ideal for the periods I reenact and customer service from Marie and the team has been second to none. It's always nice to have a chat & a warm welcome at events where they are trading. The latest charcoal grey Oxford Bags received last week are splendid My next order will be in soon! 25/10/2023
    Tim Ringer

  • Love my Oxford bags and matching waistcoat. Really nice quality. Fantastic service and advice re- sizing with the peculiarities of the vintage suit. Fast delivery as well. I’ll definitely be back. 15/09/2023
    Kevin Low

  • Excellent service, outfits look really good on and really comfortable,I would highly recommend Some Like it Holy.06/09/2023
    Martin Schofield

  • Very impressed with the quality and how quickly it arrived. I will be buying again, and I recommend to anyone who is interested in quality vintage clothing. 21/08/2023
    Adam Sansom

  • I recently purchased a pair of reproduction vintage trousers, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations! While the website pictures didn't do them justice, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on. First and foremost, the fit is absolutely perfect! It's hard to find trousers that fit well, but these are spot-on. The waistline sits comfortably, and the length is just right for my height. I appreciate the attention to detail in terms of sizing. The craftsmanship and quality of the trousers are exceptional. The fabric feels durable and has a lovely weight to it. I was worried about the reproduction aspect, fearing they might feel cheap, but that couldn't be further from the truth. These trousers have a genuine vintage charm that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. I'd also like to mention the attention to detail in the little things. The stitching is impeccable, and the buttons are securely attached. It's evident that the creators of these trousers took pride in their work. While the website pictures didn't do justice to the trousers, I highly recommend taking a chance on them. If you're looking for a pair of reproduction vintage trousers that fit perfectly and have a genuine vintage feel, these are definitely worth considering. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. These trousers have quickly become a favorite item in my wardrobe. Kudos to the creators for their excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more products from this brand! 21/08/2023

  • Fantastic company producing lovely clothing. Customer service is wonderful and delivery swift, can't be faulted.21/08/2023
    Toby Whitty

  • Wonderfully designed trousers; fabulous material and manufacture. Very speedy delivery service. The whole transaction was first class. Thanks you. 06/08/2023
    Neil Barber

  • Heartily recommend Some Like it Holy to men who want timeless British style, superb craftsmanship and attention to detail in their clothes. The Dogstooth 40s Oxford Bags are a pleasure to wear. One pair ain't enough. Thanks to Marie & Mallou for reviving these classic trousers. 04/08/2023

  • Great service quality clothes …. Excellent comms ! 19/07/2023
    Chris Burns

  • First class service from the folks at Some Like It Holy. I will certainly be shopping here again as they made an extra effort to ship my order to me for a deadline and it was a custom order. Lovely quality and fit as well so I’m chuffed. The materials and tailoring of the garment is second to non in authenticity. Bravo! 28/03/2022

  • Just received my second pair of Oxford bags. They look, feel and fit perfectly. Highly reccomend this company! 09/03/2022

  • I recently bought a pair of Oxford Bags from Some like it Holy as a Christmas present for my son. The trousers were superb quality and my son was thrilled with them. Malou loves what she does and that shines through in the clothing and in the customer service. I highly recommend Some like it Holy to anyone who appreciates top quality clothing that is also very reasonable priced 01/03/2022
    Mark Swan

  • I recently bought a beautiful pair of peg trousers and was so impressed I immediately ordered another pair. Sadly they didn’t have my size but Malou was fantastic and ‘bent over backwards’ and got her tailor to alter them for me into a perfect fit. I have also bought a couple of shirts to complement the trousers and they are wonderful quality. My whole experience of dealing with Some Like It Holy has certainly surpassed any expectations that I may have had. Everyone is so helpful and friendly and are a pleasure to speak to. I am sure I will be dealing with them for many years to come and they deserve every success that comes their way. Thank you so much !!! 14/09/2021
    Graham Farmer

  • I ordered a pair of the lightweight Oxford bags, and I'm very happy with the product I received. They are extremely comfortable, and the material looks great. They also seem to be very resistant to wrinkling (so long as you don't want them up into a ball and throw them in a corner.) The adjustable straps on the sides are also great, and I don't know why that isn't still the standard on modern pants. I will definitely be ordering again. 06/08/2021

  • So I recently bought a lovely pair of lightweight Oxford bags that I spend hours gazing at adoringly and some more hours wearing and I’m totally sold on the look. Just put in an order for another pair, this time the classic pale grey herringbone and I’m already eyeing up some waistcoats. Great workmanship and perfect style. Many thanks and I hope you guys make tons of money. 05/09/2021
    Custo Mer

  • My Oxford bags arrived today. As soon as I put them on, I knew I had discovered my new, go-to source for my clothes. They feel so good to wear and look great - I even had someone I've never met before tell me how stylish I am!! I explained it was down to my new trousers! They are made beautifully, with care and attention to detail. I want to wear them all the time and so immediately ordered another. Malou and Marie provide such personal, helpful and friendly communications - I don't know how they do it but it is brilliant that they can. Malou even going to the trouble of finding the remaining fabric of the cloth that my trousers are made from - I absolutely love the cloth! - to get a waistcoat tailored for me in my size. Makes me feel valued and appreciated and like Some Like it Holy even more. Really hope Slio keeps on as it is - so refreshing and life-affirming in a world of clothing so often produced by anonymous global corporations. 05/09/2021
    Lawrence O'Connor

  • I first came across Some Like it Holy at a 1940's day and loved the look, trouble was I just didn't have the money at the time so didn't make a purchase but I bookmarked their website and regularly checked in. Then Covid hit and everything pretty much went on hold until last month when I decided to treat myself to a V fronted waistcoat (I'd been admiring them for ages) and some matching trousers. My main concern was sizes since the tape seemed to suggest I needed a much bigger size than I normally wore so I sent off an email with ALL my measurements and instantly got a reply with a suggestion for the sizes to purchase. I went ahead and ordered still with a nagging suspicion that the trousers especially would drown me but both the trousers and waistcoat fit perfectly - many, many thanks, will definitely be purchasing again! 06/05/2021
    Richard Knight

  • My son,16, is fascinated with the 1930/40's. Slih is the only clothes shop that recreates authentic vintage fashion that's great quality and true to the style of the era. My son has 2 full suits, 1939's bags and waitscoats to match. He wears them every day and desperately wants another suit for his birthday in October. The way I figure the cost is Nike, Adidas etc would cost similar and honour of fashion much quicker. Thank you slih for allowing my son fulfill his passion for this style. 15/09/2020
    Antoinette Emerson

  • I wanted to approach the fashion of the 40s with elegant men's trousers. I was tired of having to content myself with tying my suspenders to the usual cotton twill replicas trousers of the RAF or USAF uniforms of the WWII. Then, thanks to a dedicated website (Vintage Dancers) I was directed to Some like it Holy online shop, in the UK. Here I really found the very high quality I was looking for that I didn't think existed ... I was able to order and quickly receive a fantastic pair of chestnut herringbone wool Oxford trousers. Really, really, really cool, believe me ! Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I was dealing with real professionals and that I had to pay attention to the sizes. In fact today, pants are mostly low-rise, but in the 40s it was completely the opposite. It was absolutely no problem getting HELP from Some like it Holy : The Wanderful MARIE (the heart and the brilliant mind of Some Like It holy) "took me by the hand" and picked up my wrong order (size only, of course) and kindly put into production exclusively for me an amazing 40s tailored Oxford trousers. Incredible but true ! This is what I can confidently say to anyone who wants to become Someone likes it holy customers. Now I have found them and given the wide choice, for sure I will never leave them ! Cris (Milano) ITALY 11/09/2020
    Cristiano Frigo

  • I have purchased three items: Charcoal Fine Pinstripe Oxford Bags,, the Pale Grey Oxford Bags, and the Antique White Spearpoint Shirt. Excellence is the word that comes to mind when it comes to the quality of fabric and craftsmanship of these items. I am delighted both with the old world charm and superb customer service that Some Like It Holy executed in the service to this customer. 07/09/2020
    Bryan K Mckenzie

  • I was after some brown herringbone Oxford bags which were unfortunately out of stock in my size. A quick email followed by a phone call and they were made up for me and delivered to my door in around two weeks. Lovely quality trousers and great service! I'll be ordering again soon. Thank you! May 2019

  • Having read previous reviews I was thinking 'yeah but' ! ...... now having dealt with Malou all I can say is 'respect' ... a fabulous site and fantastic service .... I'd recommend Some Like it Holy to anyone who wants complete satisfaction in buying vintage clothing.

  • i wanted a 50's look waistcoat and trousers for my wedding this september 2019 i needed made to measure and marie sent off my measurements but when the clothes arrived unfortunately the waistcoat was a little too small so at no extra cost to me i returned the waistcoat and had another made, perfect fit and together with the trousers and my vivien westwood shirt i look the bomb marie, you were great always answering my quires and keeping me informed as to where we were at i can't thank you enough
    paul french

  • After searching for trousers for ages I came across Some like it Holy and Just purchased the Faun brown wool oxford bags,a spear point shirt and buttons braces. I received the items within 2 days, amazingly quick and the quality is just top notch. You have just become the first shop I visit in the future for clothing. Thank you.
    Julian fudge

  • Thank you so much for the Oxford Bags, waistcoat and 20's style long collared shirt It was perfect to celebrate my daughter's wedding.
    Russell de Frias

  • I have just received my lightweight Herringbone Oxford Bags which are stunning. The fit is perfect and length spot on. Very speedy delivery. Thank you. Jonathan Merritt

  • Absolutely delighted with the lightweight pinstripe Oxford bags, superb quality excellent fit. I think I have just found my new favourite on-line shop. Delivered quickly too. Thanks guys x
    Jeremy Poppleton

  • Ive been looking for a 40s style shirt and came across you guys , the spearpoint shirt is perfect , great fit and top quality ,will be buying again defo many thanks Jay
    jay jackson

  • I go out to have a good time with like-minded people and dance, dance, dance. Northern Soul is my thing and I have been looking for some Oxford Bags. I came across Some like it holy and decided to give them call. Malou could not be more helpful with giving advice and getting stock in for me to purchase. With Malou advice and confidence in her products I purchased a pair of Grey & Black herringbone Lightweight Oxford Bags. Perfect weight, brilliantly made, great quality material and have already had their first outing. Thank you Malou well impressed and looking forward to taking these trousers out on many dance floors. KTF Matt Ellis (DJ Bonzo, Soul Garden Kent)
    Matt Ellis

  • Blue Wool Herringbone Oxford Bags I recently bought these to wear for a special party we were throwing. I'd been looking for bags everywhere to no avail, so thought I would take a chance with these. They are great colour, perfect cut and look fab. At 33" long, they will need adjusting for most people. I took the decision to get the 3 button down belt loops removed at the same time as I think they look over fussy and really a belt with braces is just too much going on. I teamed them up with white button down shirt and taupe braces with brown leather ends. I was very pleased how it all turned out and received a lot of favourable opinions. Even from my grown up kids, who were originally more than a little sceptical! Might seem expensive, but these are a hand produced item and you are unlikely to see anybody else in them. For me, it was money well spent and I'm grateful somebody decided to produce such an item.
    Mike Spindle

  • So my birthday is fast approaching, and after investing in a "Savvy Row" vintage suit I was on the prowl for a shirt to match. Nowhere on the high street had what I was looking for - the shirt I wore in the late 80's - modelled on the 40's and 50's.......and then I came across Some Like It Holy. There it was - spearpoint collarred, 17.5inch, white cotton - perfect! The order process and payment were easy - the shirt arrived in a couple of days and fits like a gl-........well....a shirt!! It's brilliant to look at, well made and should set off the suit perfectly. Thank you.......I will be back for more!!!!

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