About us

About the clothes

The clothes are designed by Malou Mella. The fabrics are sourced from all over the planet, anywhere a rare and interesting fabric can be found. Repro prints and textiles are our speciality. The designs are based on vintage styles and cater to both Men and Women. Some fabrics are original prints from periods as early as the 1930's. Each item is made from the limited amount of fabric we have sourced so you are buying a rare and never to be found again piece of clothing.

Tailors that make the garments from these fabrics are using old skills, hand finished with attention to detail. We do not mass produce making only Limited editions.

We are inspired to create classic attire and hope you find something you will adore.


Malou formerly ran a successful and infamous vintage clothing store on Portobello Road called The Merchant Of Europe. This store was visited by designers, pop stars and the media. The clothing was sourced from all over the world. She supplied funky vintage clothing for music, film and the fashion industry as well as for any individuals coming into the store.

Some of the characters visiting the shop were Jean Paul Gaultier, Kate Moss, Lenny Kravitz, Bjork, Suede , Kylie Minogue, Galliano, to name but a few.

Vogue , Elle, Harpers and Queens, had their stylists regularly visiting for one off pieces to be displayed in their magazines. Articles and recommendations were often to be found in Time Out, Sunday times and other magazines and newspapers. Costume departments like the BBC ,the English National Opera, would come to the Merchant of Europes large warehouse, packed with Vintage original gems. Collectors would come to hunt for original designer pieces such as Dior, Pucci, Gucci, Ossie clark and whatever could be discovered on the heaving rails of the Merchants buzzing store.

During these years Malou gained much experience in fashion and styling which lead to her own collections. The result is Some Like It Holy.